FT-5 Z bed slide setup procedure

The instructions for FT-5 have no mention on how to set up Z-bed bearings / rods .

With all the rod and bearing mounts loose (bolts holding to botom / top /bed plates loose)

Insert rods up from bottom thru bed bearings to the top clamps (no leadscrews)

Clamp the rod clamps down tight.

Slide the bed up/down  back/forth  (it will be rough because the rods are not polished)

With the bed all the way down  --tighten up rod clamp bolts on bottom

Slide the bed up/down  back/forth 

With the bed all the way up  --tighten up rod clamp bolts on top

Slide the bed up/down  back/forth 

tighten down bearings on bed

Slide the bed up/down  back/forth 

Should be smooth motion a bit noisy with rough rods